Intermediate Bumble Bee Lesson 1

Written and Copyright © KB Creations
This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

We will be Creating with Special Effects that Come with A/S :

The Example you see at the top of this page was created
using a Simple Tag and the Twist Effect from A/S: We will
be making this along with a few others:

Good luck and have fun!


Drag the Arrow to mark your progress

I have provided you with some Supplies for the lesson but you
are welcome to use some of your own:

For this Tag I find that simple is the best for this effect:
To get a Nice Twist you don't want anything with a frame
and nothing to large.. Remember that when your saving as a GIF with Transparent
backgrounds you can't add any Drop Shadow to the Text: But I'm going
to show you a way that you can still use Drop shadow and get
the same effects as a Transparent background:

Step 1:   Open a New Transparent Image 500 x 500, rename that layer bk.

Step 2:   Open a Simple Tube: I have included my tube in Supplies:

Step 3:   Copy and paste the Tube into the Center of your New Image
as a New Layer:  Rename it bench

Step 4:   Activate the Text Tool: I will show you what I'm using and my
Settings: But keep in mind.. These are my settings: You may have
to work with yours depending on the font you are going to use:


Step 5:   For the lesson please type in: Welcome To: Rename to layer Welcome

Step 6:   Convert to a Raster Layer:

Step 7:   Remove marching Ants:

Step 8:   Next Text Layer: The New Bees: Rename the layer New

Step 9:   Convert to a Raster Layer:

Step 10:   Remove Marching Ants:

Step 11:   Move the Text into Position with the Moving Tool:

Step 12:   Activate the Tube layer:

Step 13:   With the Magic Wand: Click outside the Tube layer:

Step 14:   Selections/ Invert : You will have Marching Ants hugging up to the Tube:

Special Note:
This part that your doing right now.. Will be very important for
anyone that wants to add a Drop shadow to the GIF but
don't want the hallo around the Image: So please Pay Very close
Attention to this part:
You will have to decide what color background you will be using
this image on: Lets say that your a TD in a League: and your
going to put this as a Header on a tourney Page: You have picked
Black for the Background color on the Tourney Page: Your going to Add
a backdrop on this tag of Black so that you will have no hallo
on the tag:
So when I say to you in the Lesson.. Pick the color
of your Backdrop .. your going to pick the same color as the background
on the Email, Web page, Or tourney Page you will be using this on:

Step 15:   Make a new Raster Layer and name it Backdrop:

Step 16:   flood fill it with the Background color of your choice:


Step 17:   Remove the Marching Ants:

Step 18:   Move the Backdrop layer under the Tube:



Step 19:   Now that the Text and Backdrop are in place:
Your able to Add Drop shadow :

Step 20:   Close off the New layer, right click and copy merge, go to animation shop, right click and paste as a new animation

Step 21:   Go back to PSP, close off Welcome Layer and open the New layer.  Right click and copy merge, go back to animation shop, right click on your animation and paste After the current frame. The example below is what you should see in animation.


Step 22:   Activate frame 1 then go to Effects/ Insert Image Transition:

Step 23:   You will get a new Window that looks like this:

Lets talk about this window a little:
You want to make sure that Frame 1 is the Active frame for
this Effect: If you look in the Example bellow: You will see Frame 1
in red Letters: You will want to make sure that Animation Frame
is marked for this: Then look at Frame 2 and Mark Animation Frame :
In the Drop down Window for Effects/ look for Twist: In the Define
Transition : See the Arrow that points to the Frame number: If you slide
the sliders up and down you will see that Frame number change:
You want to keep the Image running smooth but keep the number
of frames down: you can always slow down the Frames after it's been
animated: You can look in Customize: the Functions are pretty clear there:
We won't be changing anything:

Step 24:   Click Ok: View the animation: Notice that it seems to jump at
the end: We want it to run smoother:

Step 25:   Copy New layer from PSP and paste as New Animation in AS; in PSP, close New layer and open Welcome layer; copy
Welcome layer and paste after current frame in A/S


Step 26:   Repeat the Very Same Effect with the exact same settings:

Step 27:   Select all frames from this Animation and Copy

Step 28:  Select the last frame from the first Animation and Past
after Selected frame:

Step 29:   Adjust your frame Speeds: I wanted to Set the Frame with the Full
View of the Text at a slower speed so it can be read:
My Speeds are: 80 for Text Frames and 25 for all the
Frames between:

Step 30:   Crop and Save your Finished Animated Image:

This is just one tag using one effect; But you can see how
easy it is now to use:


Lets move to

Step 31:   Open a New Image 500 x 500 Transparent Background; Flood Fill with dark color and rename layer Background

Step 32:   Copy and Past the Lighthouse Tube into the New Image

Step 33:   With the Selection tool/ Rectangle/ Make Selection: See Example:


Step 34:   Create a new Raster Layer/ Name it Light Effect;

Step 35:   Flood fill with White:

Step 36:   Selection/ Select None

Step 37:   Close off the Lighthouse and Copy Merged

Step 38:   Past into A/S as a New Animation:

Step 39:   Effects/ Insert Image Effect/ See Example:


EXAMPLE: Customize:

Step 40:   You will have 7 frames Delete Frame 1:

Step 41:   Select All and Copy

Step 42:   Paste as New Image in PSP

NOTE: When multiple frames of an animation are pasted into PSP, the name of each layer in the Layers Palette will be Frame 1; however, all frames of the animation are there, with the actual F:1 of the animation being the bottommost layer in the Layers Palette. Starting at the bottom, rename the layers Frame 1, Frame 2, etc., so that Frame 6 is the top layer.

Step 43:   Copy and paste the Lighthouse into the New Image/ Rename layer:


Step 44:   Close off Frames 2-6

Step 45:   Activate Background Layer and Add new Raster Layer: Name it Sparkle 1 and stamp the first sparkle on Sparkle 1 layer (NOTE: this will be repeated for each sparkle layer so that there will be a total of 6 sparkle layers that will be matched up to each corresponding Frame layer)

Step 46:   Place the First Sparked Behind the Light house like this:
To find your sparkle click on picture tube and you should have one there.
If not download sparkles from link at beginning of this section of the lesson.


The size of the Sparkle depends on the Size of your Project:
I enlarged mine for the Lesson;

Step 47:   Frame 1 : Sparkle Behind the Light house:
EXAMPLE: frame 1 Sparkle Behind

EXAMPLE: Frame 2 Sparkle coming around

EXAMPLE: Frame 3 Sparkle Fully Seen

EXAMPLE: Frame 4 Sparkle in Center

EXAMPLE: Frame 5 Sparkle off to the Side

EXAMPLE: Frame 6 Sparkle Behind

Step 48:   Once you get the Sparkles in place: Go in with the Eraser
and trim off the parts of the starts that shouldn't be there:
See Examples above:

Step 49:   Finish off the Image: and Animate it: By this time:
your able to Create your own Creations: turn this into something
of your own.

NOTE: The Stained Glass effect contains partially transparent pixels, so a background will be needed to keep the beam of light transparent. My example may look like the background is transparent, but it is not; I have used a background color that matches the background color of the page to give the illusion of a transparent background. Don't use just a plain colored background, use a background image that compliments the lighthouse.



1)   Finish both of the Tags from this lesson

2)   Create two more Finished Projects using 2 different Special Effect
from A/S... I want Finished Projects/ not just effects:

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without my permission: Thank You for your understanding and respect for
the hard work that goes into these lessons: