Intermediate Bumble Bee Lesson 2

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This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

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Drag the Arrow to mark your progress

Step 1
In PSP open A transparent image. The size is up to you. I used 500 x 500

Step 2
Then choose one of the tubes, I've included ( You will need to resize your tube before starting)

Step 3
Then copy the tube and Paste as new layer.

Special Note:

Here is where your going to add any background, border and Text that you may want on your tag. After getting your tag the way you want it move on please.

Please keep in mind that all illustrations are just examples: The Pictures below are without Background and border to make it easier for you to see.

Step 4
Take your Freehand Selection Tool. I used point to point.
A) hold down your shift key

B) trace around the Edge of the part you would like to add noise too.
Don't stop until you have come back to the point where you started.

C) while still holding your shift key.. Go to the next place you would like to add your noise

D) after you have Traced all the area's you would like to add noise let go of your shift key

You will have something like this

Keep selected (marching ants)
You can trace around colors in your name as well.

Step 5
Now with everything still selected duplicate your layer 2 x's so you should have a total of 3 including your original layer. My Layers look like this now: Rename your layers will make it easier to work with.

Step 6
Close Layer 2 and 3 and activate your original layer like so:

Step 7
Then go to Adjust at the top/ Add/Remove Noise Effect / add noise.

Step 8
Close your original Layer and open up layer 2 and activate it.
Then go to Adjust/ add / remove noise/ add noise

The same as above only make your Noise 30%
Click ok

Step 9
Close your Layer 2 and open up layer 3 and activate it.
Then go to Adjust/ add / remove noise/ add noise

The same as above only make your Noise 20%
Click ok

Step 10
Open Animation Shop

Step 11
In your PSP go to selections/ select none

Close layer 3 and open up once again the original layer. Activate it.

Step 12
Right click on Original from PSP / Copy Merge

Step 13
Move over to your Animation Shop / Right click in the Work Space/ Paste As New Animation

This is just an example of a frame pasted in.

Step 14
Go back to PSP and close the original and activate 2.
Right click and / Copy Merge Go back to Animation shop and on your Frame 1 (F:1)
Right click on your first Frame you have / Paste / After Current Frame

Step 15
Go Back to PSP and close layer 2 and open layer 3 and activate it. Right click and / Copy Merge.
Go to Animations/ Right Click on Second Frame (F:2) / Past/ After Current Frame
You now should have 3 frames in Animation

Step 16
Go to View Animation. It looks awesome. Close the view when your done.
Step 17
Animation/resize and please resize it to around 400 x 400 pixels.
Step 18
Save your animation like you learned in earlier lessons.


Before sending in your lessons Please make sure you have all your lessons together

3 tags with noise

Pick 3 from the Tubes provided for you make sure that each tag is completed.

You will be graded on completed tags.

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