Intermediate Bumble Bee Lesson 4

Using the Tube Tool to Add Effects:

Written and Copyright © KB Creations
This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

This first lesson we will be working in PSP with
a Template and the Tube Tool:

Good luck and have fun!


Drag the Arrow to mark your progress

Open all your Supplies into your Work area and Minimize them:
Flower 1
Flower 2

Step 1:   Open New Image 500 x 500 transparent background

Step 2;   Change your Foreground to:
HTML #c89baf and your Background to:#a88393

Step 3:   Change your Foreground to Gradient and find Foreground/Background:
see example:

Please take notice of the settings:

Step 4;   Flood fill your New Image:

Step 5:   Adjust/ Blur/ Gaussian Blur/ 10.00

Step 6;   Copy and past flower 2 into the Center of your Project:

Step 7:   Lower the Opacity to 36:

See Example:

Step 8;   Copy and Past Flower 1 into the Center of your Project:

Step 9:   Image/ Resize/ 90 Percent/ All layers unchecked:
See Example

Step 10;   Copy and Past the Template into your Project:

Step 11:   Add a Drop Shadow : See Example for Settings:

Step 12;   Add your Text ( Don't forget to add a Drop shadow to it )
See Example:

Step 13:   Save with all your layers as a PSP:

Special Note:

Always save what your doing as a PSP file with the Layers so
that you can always go back and change something you may not like once
you have it in Animation Shop; Another reason for saving as a PSP file:
You may later want to recall how you did a project and by seeing your
layers your able to figure it out:

Step 14;   Now that you have it saved Duplicate it and
close the original out: ( We are doing this so we don't save
later our changes and lose our Layer copy)

Step 15:   Merge / Merge Flatten

Step 16;   Image/ Add Border/ 1 / Very Dark Purple ( from flower )

Step 17:   Image / Add Border/ 8 / Medium Purple ( from flower )

Step 18;   Click with Magic Wand

Step 19:   Effects/ Effects/ Weave :
See Example for settings:

Step 20;   Selections/ Select None

Step 21;   Image/ Add Border/ 15 / White

Step 22:   Click inside with Magic Wand

Step 23;   Flood fill with Flower Pattern :
See Example for Settings:

Step 24:   Effects/ Texture Effects/ Mosaic-Antique :
See Example for Settings:

Step 25;   Effects/ 3D Effects / Inner Bevel :
See Example for Settings:

Step 26:   Selection/ Select None

Step 27;   Image/ Resize / 400 Pixels

Step 28:   Adjust/ Sharpen

Step ;   Hold the Shift Key Down/ And Hit your D key to make Duplicate:
Do this 3x's .. We need 4 copies

Step 29:   Export and Save as JPEG: the first one as Frame 1

Step 30;   Export and Save as JPEG: Save the Second one as Frame 2

Step 31:   Export and Save as JPEG: Save the Third one as Frame 3

Step 32;   Export and Save as JPEG: Save the Fourth one as Frame 4

Step 33:   Close them all out from your PSP

Step 34;   Open them back up into your PSP:
( You will notice that at the top of each frame you will see the name:
This will help you keep track of what your doing: Later you will be able to
take the short cut way of doing this: But for now
this is the best way for you to learn:)
See Example:

Step 35:   Open the Star that Was in your Supplies:

Step 36;   File/ Export/ Picture Tube/ Name it Star 1: See Examples:

Step 37:   Click on your Tube Tool and In your drop down
you should see your star: See Example:

Step 38;   In your Options Bar where it says Scale:
you want to change that to 30: The rest stays the same:
( This is your Tube size)

Step 39:   In Frame 1 place your first Sparkle in the First
Square in each Corner like this:
see Examples:

Step 40;   In Frame 2/ Put the Sparkles in the Next Square on
all 4 corners like this:
See Example:

Step 41:   In Frame 3/ Put the Sparkles in the Next Square on
all 4 Corners like this: See Example:

Step 42;   In Frame 4/ Put the Sparkle in the very last
Square in each corner like this: See Example:

Step 43:   Ok.. Now you have done the hard part:
It's time to move them to Animation Shop:

Step 44;   Do Not Close PSP or any of the Frames: Open animation Shop

Animation Shop Tour

I would like to take this time to show you some of the information
about your Animation Shop:
This information can be found under your Help:

Your looking at pictures of some of the things in your Animation Shop:

This is the Tool bar inside your Animation Shop:
( don't worry to much about it:
Like PSP we will be learning as we go)

This is the Tool Pallet:
As you can see in Animation you don't
have all the selections you have in PSP:

When you open an animation file, each frame in the
animation appears in a Frames View window. You can modify your animation
within the Frames View window. Refer to the links below for more information
on modifying animations. Notice that below each frame is information showing the
frame number and its associated display time as shown in this example.

Displaying the Frame Number and Display Time

By default, the frame number and display time are set
to appear below each frame. To turn the display of these two numbers on and off,
choose File / Preferences / General Program Preferences. Select the
Frame View tab. Check or uncheck the "Display frame numbers, delay time
underneath frames" check box.

Setting the Display Time

Adjust the Display Time setting as follows:
1.  Select the frame(s) you wish to modify.
2.  Access the Frame Properties dialog box one of two ways:
Choose Animation / Frame Properties, or Right-click on the selected
frame and choose Properties
from the Context menu.
3.  In the Frame Properties dialog box, select the
"Display Time" tab if it is not already selected.
4.  Adjust the "Display time" edit box to the
desired setting, and then click OK.

I hope this helps a little: I will be sharing a little in each lesson:

Back to Work!

Step 45:   Copy Frame 1

Step 46;   Go to Animation Shop and Past as a new Animation: See example:

Step 47:   Copy Frame 2

Step 48:   Go into Animation Shop and Right Click on
Frame 1 of the new Animation we have started:
Go to past/ After Current Frame:
See example:

Step 49;   Copy Frame 3

Step 50:   Go to Animation Shop and Making sure Frame 2
is highlighted/ Right click and past after Current Frame:

Step 51;   Copy Frame 4

Step 52:   Go to Animation Shop and Make sure your Frame 3
is highlighted/ Right click and past after Current Frame:

Step 53;   Now you have all 4 Frames in one step like this:
See Example:

Step 54:   Go to Edit / Select All; then Go to Animation/ Frame Properties:
See Example:

Step 55;   A Small Box will open up Change the
Display Time from 10 To 25:
See Examples:

Step 56:   Go to View/ Animation
( This will allow you to see how it
looks before you save it)

Step 57:   Save as and give it a name:

Home Work

1)   Make 3 new Tags and use the Same template

2)   Send in all 4 Finished Tags with the Animated Sparkles:

Click on the Button to the Right to return to the main Page
and the Button on the left to mail in all your Work:

Please do not copy, tear apart, email or share these lessons
without my permission: Thank You for your understanding and respect for
the hard work that goes into these lessons: