Intermediate Bumble Bee Lesson 5:
Adding Your Name to an Animation
Written and Copyright © Krissy Baker

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Drag the Arrow to mark your progress

Step 1
Open your Animation Shop and locate the Tag you have just saved.

Step 2
Select all ( hold your CTRL key and hit A key on Keyboard ) Now all your frames are high lighted in blue.

Step 3
Now go to any frame and right click on it you will get a menu like this pop up. And you want to click on Apply Text Effect on that pop up.

Special Note:
When you click on it a text box pops up..
This is where you add your name.

A) Mark your Elapsed time
B) Custom Color Marked ( pick your color )
C) Click on Font.. Find the font you would like to use and then type in your text.
D) Change to Backlight
E) Click on Customize

Step 4
Then hit customize and this box will pop up

Special NOTE..

ALL the bars are moved to the far left. This closes off the effect since we don't actually want the backlight effect. It would take away from the actual animation. The thing you WILL want to change here is in that black box.. There is the white rectangle and it represents the text you typed.... So you will want to drag it around ( making sure Center Text is unchecked ) so you can see where the text is going to end up. In this case I want mine at the bottom in the center of the tag. When you have it where you think you want it hit ok.. Then you will be back at the screen where you type your text.. But it will allow you to see if that's where you want your text.. If not.. Go back to customize and play with it until its right. When you have everything just right.. Click on ok until your are back to the screen where you see your animation.

Step 5
Now view your animation by clicking on VIEW/ ANIMATION

Now you should see the Animated tag with your text added to it.
If you like what you see then follow step 5.. If not go back to the 1st step and try it again.

Step 6
Go to FILE... SAVE AS.. And then name it what you want. Then hit ok.

Special Note:
Now for myself I don't like doing it this way. It's to limited to what your able to apply to the tag.. So I'm going to teach you another way so you can add special effects/ drop shadow's and even animation.

Step 1
Open your Animated blank tag

Step 2
Copy the first frame of the Tag by: clicking on the first frame to activate it.. Then right click / copy

Step 3
Open your PSP

Step 4
Paste your frame into PSP as a new Image

Step 5
Add Text to your Image but don't merge. Leave your text a separate layer.

Step 6
Do any effects/ drop shadow's you wish to have on your text

Step 7
Copy only the text from this image by: clicking on your text layer/ right click on your image/ copy

A) layer I want to copy
B) Top of my Image
C) Right Click/ Copy

Step 8
Move it over to your animation shop and right click in an empty space in your work area. And Paste as a new Animations

Step 9
I had Added Glitter to my Text to go along with my Tag but if your not adding Glitter you can now just Duplicate that Frame 2 more times.. By Right Clicking on the First frame and going down to Duplicate.

Special Note:
If you have done like I have and added noise to your name... You will now copy your second layer of text and past it in after your first. Repeat this with your third text.

Step 10
Now that you have the same amount of frames as you have for your tag.. You will now Select all ( ctrl / A )

Step 11
Move up to your Tag and Select all

Step 12
Copy your Text by Right Clicking on it and go to copy

Step 13
Past it into your Tag like this

A) right click on your Animated Tag inside one of the Frames
B) move down to past / Into Selected Frame
C) Move it where you want it to be
D) Once you have it where you want it.. Click your left mouse button

Step 14
View / Animation
If you like it save in the same way as above.

Special Note:
If your animation is moving to fast with all frames selected/ go to animation/ Frame properties/ Change the Display time .. Higher numbers means slower animation.. Lower Numbers means faster Animations.

Now you see the Difference in the two ways of adding your Text.. I would like you to do this both ways and turn one of each in to the Class for Credit.

Good luck and have fun
Hugs and Love,
Queen Krissy

Mandatory Assignments

The tags completed through this lesson along with 3 extra tags not covered in the lesson.

That's a total of 5 Tags to be turned in.

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