Intermediate Bumble Bee Lesson 6:
Using Special Effects
Written and Copyright © Krissy Baker

Use Your own Supplies


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This lesson will be an introduction on special effects that come with your animation shop.

There will be no supplies with this lesson.

You will use tubes and create your own tags in this lesson.

First I will be showing you some of the things and explain how I got these effects and then later I will ask you to go in and play around with these effect turning in some of your results.

Here you see a list of the Effects you can choose from:

Lets go over some of these and what they do.

Insert Image Transition - this means an effect that changes the appearance of something over a number of frames (like the 'compress' feature).

Insert Image Effect - the effect is the same on every frame, though it takes a number of frames to produce it - like the 'noise' effect.

Apply Image Effect - this is used on a single frame. It will apply the effect only to one frame, it will not create an animation.

Insert Text Effect - these can be put to good use at times. They allow you to have your text moving in several frames, in different ways, quite easily.

Apply Text Effect - similar effects to above, but applied to only 1 frame. It will not create an animation.

The first thing your going to see will be Inserted Image Transition Effect Twisted.

I know you have seen this out on the net and maybe asking how do they do that..

You have to tags made up and placed in your animation shop. First being the Love and second Krissy /Selecting first frame Clicking on Insert Image Transition At the top of your Animation shop/ locate the effect drop down you will find twist.

Here you can look around and play around with it to come up with your own effect. I will give you my settings but please play around a little. Your not going to break it.

In Customize
Horizontal is Marked
Canvas color is Marked

Animation Frame is marked
Transition Length is set at 1.2
Frames per second 4

After getting my effect I then wanted to slow things down so my name can be read.. So selecting my first frame with love I changed my frame time to 40 . Then selecting frame 2 through 6 / changed that time to 15/ selecting frame 7 changed it to 40. This slowing down my two frames with words and the twist being quicker. Giving it a much more smooth effect.

On to the Next Effect I'm going to show you.

This is another Inserted Image Transition Effect Curtains.

This next one is Insert Image Effect /Rotate Colors

Special Note:
Remember you can keep your frames down and work with your Speed after the Effect has been made.. The More frames you have the Bigger your Tag will be. You want to keep frames down.

This one is Insert Image Effect Under Water

This one will take lots of playing with to get the right effects.

Look here to see how many frames you will be using.. Slide the bars down to get less frames and up to get more.

After you have made your effect you will need to delete your first frame for any inserted effects to an image. This effect doesn't insert that effect into the existing image it creates the animation of it's own.

This Example is Inserting Text Effect Black Light

This one was done using the Inserted Text Effect Wheel

Now that I've showed you some of the things you can create using these effects lets just recap a bit.

1) keep your frames Down to keep your size down

2) When working with Animations Effects you can slow down or speed up your effect once you get the effect.

3) You don't not have to have each frame at the same speed.

Mandatory Assignments

I would like you to send in 6 Different Completed Tags each using one of the Effects from
Animation Shop. When sending in your lesson, tell your instructor which Animation Shop
effect you used for each tag.

Please do not limit yourself to the 6 effects previewed above. There are 26 Image Transitions;
21 Image Effects; and 7 Text Effects. Explore all of them and choose 6 you have not previously used.

Please make sure each tag is different and complete. We do not want to just see the Effects.
We want to see what you have done to make a finished tag using these effects. Lets get very creative
here and make each piece your own.

Have fun my Creative Little Bee's.

Hugs and Love,
Queen Krissy

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