Intermediate Bumble Bee Lesson 7
Learn How to Make Your Name Sparkle Written and Copyright © Krissy Baker

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Special Note from the Instructor

For this lesson we will be adding sparkles to your name.
You will find that you can use this effect in different ways,
but for this lesson we will just be working with text.
I have included a white sparkle.

Step 1
Download the Sparkle/ unzip it to your sparkles folder

Step 2
Copy and Paste this Sparkle into your Tube file In PSP

Please place the attachment in your tube folder.
C \ Program files..Jasc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro 9 \Picture Tubes.

I wanted to make this easy for you to learn so we are going to use a Text for the Lesson.

Step 3
Open your Paint Shop Pro.

Step 4
Open a new transparent image 250 x 250 pixels

Step 5
Add your Text / Make sure that Floating and Antialias is Marked

Special Note:

Make it in a chunky font...and what ever size you want .. But remember, your name is all that there is to this tag .. No pictures etc, so you want it to be big enough that it pops... Make it with what ever outline and fill color you want, then place it in the center of your work area.

That's what allows the sparkle to stay in the lines.

Step 6

Click on your picture tubes tool. In the Drop down window in your Tool Options bar you will find the SparkleWht2 picture tube.

Step 7
Go to your Scale:
We need to scale it down, so that it's not over powering your name.

Special Note:

Since I don't like making all my Sparkles the same size I start out with one size and then will change it to a different size.

Step 8
Duplicate this 2 times so that you have 3 layers in your layer pallet

If you have forgotten how.. Your going to right click on raster 1 and go to Duplicate. Repeat this a second time.

Special Note:

I like my sparkle inside my name with a bit of a border so I went to Selections/ modify/ Contract

Now your going to contract that by what ever width you made your border on the name.. Mine is 2

Click ok


Step 9
I like to place like 8-10 for my size of a name. See how they are random.

You can take notice that I've used different sizes in each one.

Step 10
You will do this to each Layer of your name making sure that your sparkles are not in the same patterns in each layer. This will give it more of the Moving lights effect.

Step 11
Go to Selections/ Select None

Special Note:

I like to Crop and Size my things in Paint Shop before moving them to Animations so here is where you would do that.

Step 12
Save each layer as a GIF. Now you need to save this .. But before you do.. Be sure your background fill color on your tool bar matches the color on your outline of the text. (it's in a blue box here)

The reason for this is so you don't have that funny fuzz that shows up otherwise.
Go to File/export/GIF optimizer..

Special Note:

First Tab: Transparency:
Check Existing Image or Layer Transparency

Second Tag: Partial Transparency:
Use Full Transparency for pixels below 1 % opacity Checked
Yes, Blend with the Background color Checked and color Grey
Third Tab: Colors:
Optimized Median Cut Checked

Fourth Tab: Format
Non-Interfaced Checked
Version 89 Checked
Fifth Tab: Download Times
Just gives you an idea of how big this file will be.

Step 13
Click ok

Step 14
Locate the folder you made for this lesson and give this frame a name. I just named it (1)

Step 15
Close off the top layer now by clicking on the eye next to that layer

Step 16
Save the next layer using same techniques we used above. You should not have to change anything in your Optimizer this time.. It should be set.

Step 17
Open your Animation Shop

Step 18
Go to File/ Animation Wizard.

Be sure you follow the next steps pretty close.

Step 19
The first box that pops up.... Be sure to have the first circle Checked that says same size as first frame
Click Next

Step 20
Next box has to have transparent Checked
Click next...

Step 21
Next box has to have upper left hand corner of frame, with canvas color, and scale frames to fit.. all checked
Click next.

Step 22
Next box.. Yes, repeat indefinitely and set the number to 25..
If this is to slow you can always speed it up or slow it down once you get it animated.
Click next..

Step 23
Locate the Folder you have your Images in.

If you hit add image and go to folder you have your images saved in you will see 1, 2 and 3

Hold down your Ctrl button on the keyboard and click on each one. It will open all 3 at the same time.
Like shown here

Special Note:

You may need to adjust the order... Just use the move up/down options at the bottom to move the image to the correct position ...

Step 24
Click on next at bottom of box /then finish.

Now you will see all 3 of your names there in 3 frames (like a filmstrip across the page).

Special Note:

If you chose to wait for Animation to Crop your name and resize it, here's how it's done.
Hold CRTL / A to Select all
You will need to get your Crop tool.
Now just click and drag, like you would with PSP.. You will see all 3 boxes will be cropped at once

Hit the Crop button

Step 25
Go to View /Animation

Step 26
Go file/ Save As / then give it a name

Special Note:

The other way to animate this would be

A) Copy layer 1
B) Paste it into Animation as a new Animation
C) Copy and paste Layer 2 into your Animation
D) Copy and Paste Layer 3 Into your Animation

We have gone over how to copy and paste in earlier lesson's and all the rest of this lesson would be the same.

Mandatory Assignments

Here is what you will need to turn in.
I'm looking for your text that you did while we did the lesson and then I would like to see yours add sparkles to a flower.
Send them both in at the same time.. You will only get one credit for both of these..

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without my permission: Thank You for your understanding and respect for
the hard work that goes into these lessons: