Intermediate Bumble Bee Lesson 8

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You can get more floaties in the resource center.

More Floaties Here: Resource Center Here

Keep your supplies you will need them for several lessons to come.

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There are many different ways to use floaties. I'm going
to show you a couple of ways you can use them and
then you are going to be able to get creative with them.

One way to use Floaties would be as a flood fill.
This works well for something's but may not work as well for others:
Take the Example bellow:


Notice that the Letter R in my name doesn't get much for floaties:
The Spread of the Floaties wasn't even enough to fill all the letters:
though this is a good method: It Maybe best to use another method for a better cover at times:
So lets learn the Flood fill first:

Flood Fill Floaties:

Step 1:   Open the Bumble Bee (SharsBrightBugs) floaties in A/S

Step 2:  Select all 5 Frames/ Copy

Step 3:   Go back to PSP and Past Animation as Multiple Images


Step 4:   You can Minimize them now: They will still show up in Patterns

Step 5:   Locate a nice Fat Font to use for this lesson:

Step 6:  Open a new Image 500 x 200 You can crop what you
don't use away later.

Step 7:   Make sure you set your Text Size Large/ See my Example for my settings:


EXAMPLE: of what my Text Looks like:

Step 8:   Promote Selection to a Layer

Step 9:   Selection/ Modify/ Contract/ 2

You will remove them to copy and past into A/S

Step 10:   Add New Raster Layer

Step 11:   In the Drop down window in Patterns for foreground/ Select the First floaties:

Step 12:   Flood fill with the First Floaties: See Example:


You have to fill each letter with the flood tool:

Step 14:   Duplicate the Text layer and close off the Original one:

Step 15:   Merge / Merge Visible:

Step 16:   rename this / Frame 1

Step 17:   Add a Inner Bevel if you like: See my Example for my Bevel settings:


Step 18:   Repeat these steps changing each flood to the next Frame of the Bee Floaties:

Step 19:   Once you have all 5 frames made and Merged/ Start to Copy them
into A/S ( You should know how to do this from earlier lessons)

Don't forget to Remove the Marching ants before you start to Copy and Past:

Step 20:   Set the Speed to 20

Step 21:   View and if it looks right/ Save


Flood filling floaties are Simple to do and use: You Noticed I used
a Background color on my Name for these floaties: There maybe times
when your floaties have a background color to them: At that time
you may want to close off the Background color when typing the Text:
You can always flood fill over the color as long as it's
a solid color and not a gradient:

Using Floaties as a Layer

Step 22:   Open New Image 800 x 200 / Transparent Background

Step 23:   Type in your Text:
( I'm using the same Text and Settings as above:
I've only changed the colors and words)

Step 24:   Convert the a Layer

Step 25:   Selections/ Modify/ Contract / 2

Step 26:   Selections/load/ save selections/ save selections to disk
We have Loaded the Ants to Disk so if we lose them
by mistake we can get them back:


Step 27:  You will get a Little Window that looks like this:


Step 28:   There's a place to give the Selection a Name:
I've named mine: Queen Krissy Floaties:


Step 29:   Lets Give it a try now: Selections/ Select none

Step 30:   Selections/ Load-Save Selections / Load Selections from Disk:

Step 31:   Locate your Selection: See Example:


Step 32:   Now that we know it works/ We are ready to start to
place the floaties: Copy the First floaties:

Step 33:   Past as a new Layer: ( Keep pasting it in as a new layer until
you have the Text Covered like this: See my Example:


Step 34:   Duplicate the text layer: Close the Original one:

Step 35:   Selections/ Invert

Step 36:   Activate the floaties 1 layer and tap Delete on the keyboard:

Step 37:   Add Inner Bevel: See my Example:


Step 38:   Repeat these Steps for the Next 4 Frames: Make sure that your Floaties
are in Different Places then the ones before it: That's how you
will get the Movement from the Floaties:

Step 39:  Once you have all 5 Frames Completed/ Remove the Marching Ants:

Step 40:  Copy and Past the Frames into A/S

Step 41:  Set the Speed at 20 and View:

Step 42:  Crop the Extra Space from the Text and Resize

Step 43:  View it one more time/ Save



1. Turn in your 2 names with floaties.

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