Intermediate Bumble Bee Lesson 9

You can get more floaties in the resource center.

More Floaties here: Resource Center Here

Open up your supplies from Lesson 8
Adding Floaties To Tubes and Tags

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Drag the Arrow to mark your progress

Open your PSP and have your Tubes and Floaties ready Before starting:


Step 1:   Duplicate the Girl in the Tub Tube and Close the original

Step 2:  You will notice that there are two layers on this tube:
One with the tube and one with the Tubers name:
Delete the Tubers name layer

Step 3:   Image/ Canvas Size/ Increase it to 500 x 500 and put the tube in the middle:


Step 4:   Set Foreground to:#7d75a7 / Background to: #e1e4eb

Step 5:   Locate the Foreground/Background Gradient with these Settings:


Step 6:   Add a new Raster Layer and Name it Background:

Step 7:   Flood Fill Background with the Gradient: See Example:


Step 8:   Add a new Raster Layer / Rename it Floor

Step 9:   Flood fill with :#7d75a7

Step 10:   Effects/ Texture Effects/ Texture : See Example for Settings:


Step 11:   With the Deform tool/ Move the Floor layer down to be the floor:
( You should know this from earlier lessons )


Step 12:  Add a new Raster Layer and Make a Base Board using
the Selection Tool: See Example:


Step 13:   Add some Reverse Drop Shadow: ( Remember this is when you Invert
the Marching Ants and then Add the Drop Shadow)

Step 14:   Add a Drop Shadow to the Girl in the Tub: See My Settings Bellow:


Step 15:   Decorate the Wall anyway you want to: I created a Window with a Peeper:


Step 16:   You can Add a frame now if you like or later: I'm choosing
Later because I want to keep the bubbles inside my Frame:

Step 17:   Copy and Past the Image into A/S

Step 18:   Duplicate the Image to get 8 Frames:

Step 19:   Open the bubbles floaties

Step 20:   Select all in the Floaties and Graphic

Step 21:   Copy the Floaties and Past into Selected Frame:

Step 22:   Since the Floaties don't cover the Entire area you wish to cover:
you can repeat this as many times as you need to cover the
entire area with floaties: See my Example:


Step 23:   I'm not ready to Save yet: I want to add a Frame:
(You have had this in Earlier lessons:)

Step 24:  After Creating the Frame/ Add the Frame to your animation ;( Earlier lessons)

Step 25:   Add a Text if you haven't done it already: And Save


Here's another Example of floaties added to a Tube:


Another EXAMPLE:

Another EXAMPLE: This is a Floaties that I created:

Home Work

1)   Following the lesson above send in your tag with the bathtub.

2)   Using the Materials Provided for you Create the Drink and Ice-cream
Floaties tags: You May get creative and Design your own tag with
them and then add the floaties:

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and the Button on the left to mail in all your Work:

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without my permission: Thank You for your understanding and respect for
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