Intermediate Bumble Bee Lesson 10
How to Add Text to A Animated Tag:

Written and Copyright KB Creations
This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Some of you have been collecting cute Animations that you have
been asking: How do I add Text to something that's already Animated:
In this lesson I'm going to show you just how to do that: I've included some
Animations but if you have some of your own that you would like to use for
your homework.. That's just fine: However I would like you to stick with
me in the lesson with the tag I am using:

Once again we will be working with both PSP and Animation Shop..
Here's why: Editing integration between Animation Shop and Paint Shop Pro
means users can easily share and edit animation frames and images
between the two programs without having to save and reopen frames. Once
finished, animations can be optimized for the Web with the powerful
Optimizing Wizard, which provides a comprehensive selection of file
output options.


Drag the Arrow to mark your progress

Please open this Tag in your Animation Shop:

Lets Get Started:

Good luck and have fun!

Step 1:   Now that you have your Tag open:
We need to Select All the Frames:
Hold down your CTRL Key while you Hit your A key on your Keyboard:
This will highlight all the Frames at one time:
See Example:

Notice there are 5 frames to this Animation:

Step 2;   Go to Frame 1 and Right Click inside Frame 1/
Go to Apply Text Effect:

Step 3:  You will notice a New Window Open up:
Lets take sometime in this Window:
See Example:

A)  Mark your Elapsed time
B)  Custom Color Marked ( pick your color )
C)  Click on Font.. Find the font you would
like to use and then type in your text. Don't forget to
set the Size for your project:

See Example:

D)  Change to Backlight
E)  Click on Customize: A new Window will open like this:
See example:

Special NOTE..

When you first looked in the first window you saw lights
going around in your View: This is a really cool effect that we will
learn more about later: But for this Tag right now I would like you to
move all your Bars to the Far left like you see in the example above:
We will learn about the Effects later:
Today we are learning how to add Text:

F)  Next Step: We will be making changes to the large
box in the middle of the window:

The white rectangle inside the big Box represents the placement
of your text: By Left clicking and holding you can drag this box
around until you have it in the area you want your text: So you will want
to drag it around ( making sure Center Text is unchecked ) so you can see
where the text is going to end up. In this case I want mine at the top of the tag:
I've had to place and then look to see if I like it: Then go back and
move it some more when I don't like it because there is no view window in this
Once you get it where you want it; And you like what you see in your
View window then click ok: It will then Apply the text to each frame:

See Example:

Step 4;   View/ Animation

Step 5:   If you like what you see you can now save it:

Step 6;   File/Save As: Give it a name: Hit Ok.

Now to most of you this is way cool: But for myself I
don't like the fact that I don't have many options
to change colors to match the tag and placing it
is difficult: I much rather use PSP to
add my Text: So I'm going to show you how
to use PSP to do your text and then add it:

Step 7:   Open This Tag in Animation Shop Please: See Example:

Step 8;   Click on Frame 1 of your Animated Tag

Step 9:   Right Click and go to Copy
( We are only going to copy that first frame)

Step 10;   Move to PSP and Past as new Image:
( You now have the First frame of the Animated tag in your
PSP so you can add text to it and place it and size
it using this frame for the example)

Step 11:   Add your Text like you would any other Project your doing:
Here is an example of the Text I will be using:

I know this looks Funny and sort of scattered but I wanted to
have fun with this one: Since it's a bear getting stung by a bee:
**giggles** Your going to do your own thing with your Tag:

Step 12;   Now close off everything but the Text in your PSP Image:
See Example:

Step 13:   Copy Merged ( You have to do this to keep the size )
The Text and Take it over to Animation Shop

Step 14;   Right Click in Animation and Past as a new Animation:

Step 15:   Right Click on Frame 1 of your Text and Duplicate it:

Step 16;   You will duplicate Until you have the
same number of Text Frames as you have Bear Frames:
The Bear is 6 Frames:

See Example:

Step 17:   Click on the top bar of the Bear Tag

Step 18;   Holding your CTRL Key and Clicking on the A all
your Frames will be selected:

Step 19:   Now Click on the Top Bar of your Text:

Step 20;   Holding down your CTRL Key and Clicking on the A
All your Frames are selected:

Step 21:   Right click on the Text and Copy ( This will copy all the frames)

Step 22;   Right Click right inside the first frame of the Bear Tag:

Step 23:   Go to Past / Past into Selection:

Step 24;   The Text will first appear in the first frame:
Your going to move it around with your mouse
and then when you get it where you want it click once:
You do not have to hold your mouse button down to move the text:
But as soon as you have clicked it's in place and cant be moved:
if you don't like where it landed.. You can click on the undo button
and try again:

In your Tool Options Bar inside of your Animation Shop
you will notice you have a Text tool: You may ask why we aren't learning
to do this using this text tool? Simple Answer: You can use the Text tool
inside Animation: taking these same steps but if you will notice there
are no effects to add: There are no patterns or Gradients to use: So if you
just want a simple text with nothing added you may take these same steps
to add Text to an animation:

Another Note about the text Tool:
if you choose to use the Text tool:
You can only add a Text to one frame at a time..
This is not Advisable Since it's impossible
to get the text in the exact same spot for each frame..
Best way to do it would be like we did above..
Type your text in a new Animation/ Duplicate
it the number of frames you need it in and
then copy and past into the selected frames:
There's much more we can do with a Tag that's already animated..
But we will get into that later:

Home Work!

A)   Send in the Two tags we did here and 2 More that
you have picked and done on your own: 4 in total:

B)  Give us some feed back on the lesson: This helps
us better help others:

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