Intermediate Bumble Bee Lesson 11

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This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Good luck and have fun!


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Please Open the Animated Butterfly in your Animation Shop:

I would like you to just look at the two frames in the Butterfly..
Can you see the Difference between frame 1 and frame 2..
Lets look at these Differences and how it gives the
Illusion of this Butterfly Spreading his wings:

(A)   In Frame 1 Notice that his wings are flat

(B)   In Frame 2 Notice his Wings have been Brought in closer to his Body

(C)   In Frame 1 Notice the Passion of his Body

(D)   Notice that the Body of the Butterfly remains in the
same place but has been made smaller:

Now lets see how this effect is achieved:

Step 1:   Open the Unanimated Butterfly (kr_Animal17) in your PSP:

Step 2:   Open a new Image 500 x 500

Step 3:   Copy and Paste the Butterfly to the New Image as a New Layer:

Step 4:   Close the original Butterfly Image

Step 5:   Duplicate the Butterfly Layer and rename it:

See Example:

Step 6:   Activate Butterfly 2 Layer and then Get your Deform Tool:

See Example:

Step 7:   While holding down the CTRL and SHIFT Key on your
Keyboard, move the Bottom right Node to the left:
See Example:

Step 8:   While holding down the CTRL and SHIFT key again..
Move the bottom Left node to the right:
See Example:

Step 9:   Zoom in so you can see the Butterflies Better

Step 10:   With your Moving tool Active: Center Butterfly 2 with Butterfly 1

See Example:

Step 11:   Open A/S ( A/S = Animation Shop )

Step 12:   In PSP Close off Butterfly 2 Layer like this:

See Example:

Step 13:   Activate Butterfly 1 layer and Copy Merged:
See Example:

Step 14:   Past as a new Animation in A/S

Step 15:   Close off Butterfly 1 and open Butterfly 2:

See Example:

Step 16:   Copy Butterfly 2 Merged

Step 17:   Click on Frame 1 of Butterfly in A/S and Past after current Frame:

See Example:

Step 18:   Click on CRTL/ A Keys ( to Select All Frames )

Step 19:   Set the Speed of your frame to 35
( You should know how to do this from Lessons 1 - 4)

Step 20:   View the Animated Butterfly: It should look like this:

Special Note:

We have just worked with 2 frames to make the butterfly move his wings:
If you will notice a lot of the Animations you
will see more then 2 frames in action:

What if we wanted to move the Butterfly Across a page like this:

See Example:

Please open Image : Animated Butterfly2 in A/S please:
I want us to take a look at each frame of this Animation::
If you will notice the Background and flowers all remain
Still and the Same for each frame: The only thing
moving in the Frames at this time will be the Butterfly:

Move to Frame 3: This was my Starting point of this graphic:
After placing the Butterfly at this point in my Graphic..
I then Drew a line using my Pen to show
the path I wanted my Butterfly to take:

See Example:

After getting the idea of the path I wanted my Butterfly to take:
I had to figure out the Actions of my Butterfly:
See Frames 3, 4 and 5:
Notice how the Butterfly remains Stationed in the same spot but
expands and closes his wings: When a Butterfly stops to rest
they will expand and close their wings before taking flight again:
I then Created Frames 6 through 8 Next giving him a path of flight:
But After I had that part Animated I was missing an entrance spot..
So I created Frames 1 and 2. Take notice of the Speeds I have set in each frame:
I have frames 1,2 and 6 through 8 all set at 35 But I have
frames 3 , 4, and 5 set at 85.. This gives the Butterfly that resting
motion and feeling..

To make this simple for you at this point I have
included my background and line I created for the path...
This way we are all starting at the same spot:

Step 1:   Open BB-Image-Flowers please: ( notice the Red Line is on a separate layer:)
This is so that you can use it to place
your Butterflies but then close it off to copy your layers:

Step 2:   Your going to be using the Butterflies that you animated
in the first part of this lesson:
so have them open in your PSP:

Step 3:   Look at Frame 3 of the Animated Butterfly2 and see where
I have the Butterfly Positioned.. Place your Copy of Butterfly 1
in the same position in your PSP like this:

See Example:

This became my starting point to creating my Animation and train of thought:

Step 4:   Name this Starting point:

Step 5:   Copy Butterfly 1 again and place it in the Position
of Frame 1 and rename it; Frame 1

Step 6:   Copy Butterfly 2 and Place it in the Same position as Frame 1:
Rename it frame 2

Step 7:   Repeat these Steps until you have all 8 frames made in PSP:

See Example:

Notice that Frames 3,4 and 5 are in the same place..
They sit in the Starting point: Frame 3 will be
Butterfly 1 , Frame 4 is Butterfly 2 and Frame 5 is
Butterfly 1 again:

Step 8:   Now your ready to move the Frames into A/S

Step 9:   Close everything but Background and Frame 1: Copy Merged:

Step 10:   Past into A/S as a new Animation

Step 11:   Close Frame 1 in PSP and Open Frame 2 with Background:

Step 12:   Past after current frame in A/S

Step 13:   Repeat this until you have moved all 8 frames into A/S

Step 14:   Set your speed to: Frames 1 and 2 at 35, Frames 3,4 and 5 At 85
and then 6,7 and 8 to 35.

Step 15:   View animation: It should look just like this:


1. Save your progress so far on your animated butterfly tag based on the lesson above
and send in for credit (you do not need to frame this animation; instructions for a frame are given in Lesson 12).

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