Intermediate Bumble Bee Lesson 12

Written and Copyright KB Creations
This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

We will be Creating a frame for the Animated Butterfly

Drag the Arrow to mark your progress

Good luck and have fun!

Step 1:   Copy Frame 1 of your Animated Butterfly and
Past it into PSP as a new Image:

Step 2:   Merge Flatten

Step 3:   Image/ Add Border/ 2 / Dark Brown

Step 4:   Image/ Add Border/ 4 / Light Brown

Step 5:   Image/ Add border/ 2 / Dark Brown *same as above

Step 6:   Image/ Add Border / 12 / Save Light Brown as Background
* pick up color with dropper*

Step 7:   With your Magic Wand * Feather 0 * Click inside the 12 border

Step 8:   Effects/ Texture Effects/ Texture:

See Example for settings:
(NOTE: If you do not have the brush strokes texture, YOU MAY DOWNLOAD IT HERE, which should be saved to your Textures folder)

Step 9:   Selections/ Select None

Step 10:  Image/ Add Border/ 2 / Dark Brown

Step 11:  Image/ Add Border / 4 / Light Brown

Step 12:  Image/ Add Border / 2 / Dark Brown

Step 13:   Image/ Add Border/ 25 / Light Brown

Step 14:   Use Magic Wand and click inside of the 25 Border:

Step 15:   Make a Gradient using the Dark Brown and Light Brown:

To Make Gradient:

Pick the Dark Brown for Foreground color:
Pick the Light Brown for the Background color:
Go to Gradient in foreground and locate it in the Dropdown:

See Example for Settings:

Step 16:   Flood fill with the Gradient:

Step 17:   Effects/ Reflection Effects/ Kaleidoscope :

See Example for Settings:

Step 18:   Effects/ 3D Effects/ Inner Bevel:

See Example for Settings:

Step 19:   Selections/ Select None

Step 20:   Image/ Add Border/ 2 / Dark Brown

Step 21:   Copy and past into animation as a new Animation

Step 22:   Duplicate until you have 8 Frames

Step 23:   Select all Frames ( CTRL and the A)

Step 24:   Select all Frames of the Animated Butterfly

Step 25:   Since the Animated Butterfly is smaller in size we will copy it:

Step 26:   Past it into Selected Frame of your Frame :

See Example:

Step 27:   Change your Speed again to:
Frames 1 and 2 At 35
Frames 3,4 and 5 At 85
And Frames 6,7 and 8 at 35

Step 28:   View Animation:

Step 29:   If it looks right and you are ready to turn it in.. Save it


Home Work:


1)   Open the Homework Supplies up :

2)   Use either your own Materials or some of what I've
included in the Supplies To Create 2 more Animated Butterfly Tags similar to the lesson:

3)   Be Creative with your Creation part:
Try to use some of what you have learned in Honey Bees:

4)   Turn all 3 Tags in along with a small Note telling
me what you think of the Lesson:

Click on the Button to the Right to return to the main Page
and the Button on the left to mail in all your Work:

Please do not copy, tear apart, email or share these lessons
without my permission: Thank You for your understanding and respect for
the hard work that goes into these lessons: