Intermediate Bumble Bee Lesson 13

Written and Copyright KB Creations
This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Good luck and have fun!

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Open all your Supplies you will need for this Lesson and Minimize them:

This lesson involves using your layer skills along with Animation:
Your going to add Animation Effects:
There will be a lot of steps and this: lesson
It will be intense so get your drink: Get comfortable:
And remember you can always save and come back to it later:

You will need:

Coral,  fish,  mermaid  and man:
I have Provided you with some tubes but you are more
then welcome to find some of your own:

Lets Get Started!


Step 1:  Open a new Image 3000 x 3000 Transparent background

Step 2:  Using a Dark and light that will go together Create a Gradient:

My Colors:
foreground: #c0ffff :
Background: #00c0c0 :

See Example for Settings:

Step 3:  Flood fill the Background with your Gradient:

Step 4:  Adjust/ Blur/ Gaussian Blur/ Radius 60:

Step 5:  Effects/ Artistic Effects/ Balls and Bubbles:

See Example for settings:

Step 6:  Resize image to 300x300

Step 7:  Create the Background using the Coral and Fish : ( DO NOT ADD MERMAID YET)

Step 8:  Lower the Opacity on the Background tubes so they look like part
of the background:


Step 9:  Merge / Merge Visible:

Step 10:  Copy and Past the Mermaid of your choice: Place her in the bottom
left hand corner so you have room to make your bubble:

See Example:

I placed my tube in this one to the lower right corner because
of the way she's turned: So I leave this to your liking:

Step 11:  With the Selections Tool set on:

Mode: Replace:
Feather 0:
Draw the Bubble shape: ( Don't be to Worried about the Size and Centering it:

Special Note:
If the Bubble needs Moved and Size Changed go to Selection/ Edit Selection:
Click on the Deform Tool: Adjust the Selection/ then go back to Selection/
Edit Selection: This will remove the Red and your marching ants will return:

EXAMPLE: Of Bubble:

Step 12:  Add new Layer and name it Bubble Background:

Step 13: Activate bottom layer (background with bubbles):

Step 14: Copy:

Step 15: Activate Bubble Background layer and Paste into Selection

Step 16: Lower Opacity of Bubble Background layer to 50

Step 17: Add New Raster layer: Name it: Bubble Cutout: You should still
have marching ants going:

Step 18: Selections/ Modify/ Expand: 2 pixels

Step 19: Effects/3D Effects/ Cutout:

EXAMPLE: Cutout Settings:

Step 20:  Repeat the Cutout with these settings:

EXAMPLE: Cutout Settings:

Step 21:  Selections/ Modify/ Contract/ 2 pixels

Step 22: Add New Layer Beneath the Bubble Background
layer: Name it Man

Step 23:  Copy and paste the Man tube into selection:

The man should look like he's just a
dream like this:


Step 24: Selection/ Select None:

Step 25: Close out Background and Girl: Merge Visible the Bubble:
Rename it Bubble:

Step 26:  Add New Layer/Name this Water Front
( this is very important for later):

Step 27: Selections/ Select All

Step 28:  Effects/ 3D Effects/ Cutout: Same settings as before:

Step 29:  Repeat the Cutout with the -1 For Vertical and Horizontal:

Step 30:  Copy background and past is as a new Image:

Step 31:  Using the New Image/ Create a Frame:

Step 32:  Copy and Past the Background with no Frame into A/S:
You will see it all come together.. Just hang in there:

Step 33:  Go to Effects/ Insert Image Effect/ Underwater: See Example for settings:


Step 34: Click on customize : See Example for Settings:


Step 35:  You will need to move the lines to get the waves that you want:
( See the spider like lines in the center:
You will see just a dot there at first..
you Click and hold your mouse button down while
you pull the lines out. Don't make them all even
you want different levels of waves:

Step 36:  Pay Close attention to the Number of Frames: Stay with my
Settings so you don't have a Image that becomes to heavy: Your
going to have 5 frames: go to Frame 1 and Delete it:
When using this Effect, It will leave the First frame untouched:

Step 37: Select all Frames/ Copy and Past into PSP as a new Image:
( all frames will show up as Layers )

Step 38:  Copy the Water Front Layer and Past into A/S

Step 39:  Give the Water Front the Very Same Effect that you did the
Background But move the lines a little so it will have a
different motion:

Step 40:  Once again Delete Frame 1

Step 41:  Select all frames and Copy and past into PSP as a new Image:

Step 42: Now lets put this together:
Copy each Frame of the animated Water and Past as a new Layer
in the frame you Created in Step 28: Give each Layer a Frame number:
You will have The Frame layer, And 4 Layers Numbered Frames 1 - 4:

EXAMPLE: Layers:

Step 43: Close out the Other Frames we don't need them any longer:

Step 44:  Copy and past the Mermaid into the New Project and place
It in the same place she was placed in the first one:

See Example:

Step 45:  Copy and past the Bubble into the New Project: See Example:


Step 46:  Copy and Past each Frame from the Animated Water Front
into the New Project Giving each Frame a Number:


It's very important that you name your layers at this point:
You can get very confused if you don't!!!:

Step 47:  Close Off Frame 2, 3 and 4 of both your
background and water front:


Step 48: Copy Merged/ Past as new Animation in Animation shop:

Step 49:  Close off Frames 1 in background and water front
and open Frames 2 in Background and water front:

Step 50:  Copy Merged and past into Animation After Selected frame:
( Keep doing this until you have all 4 frames transferred
over to A/S:

Step 51:  Resize/ Try to keep the Size at 400 x 400 so that
we can get a clear view of your project:

I like using the resize in Animation
when I'm working with Animation so I don't get
any jumping in my Finished Animated project:

Step 52:  Set the Speed to 45 or a Speed you feel works for you:

Step 53:  View animation and check for any Jumping or Speed Errors:

Step 54:  Add Text

(We had this in bumble Bees under how to add Text to an
animated Tag if you need a refresher):

Step 55:  Save the Animation

Home Work

1)   Create 1 more Project using these Steps and your own Supplies:

2)   Send in Both Creations in for credit.

Click on the Button to the Right to return to the main Page
and the Button on the left to mail in all your Work:

Please do not copy, tear apart, email or share these lessons
without my permission: Thank You for your understanding and respect for
the hard work that goes into these lessons: