Intermediate Bumble Bee Lesson 14

Written and Copyright KB Creations
This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Good luck and have fun!


Drag the Arrow to mark your progress

Open all your Supplies into your Work area and Minimize them.

Special Note:
Please keep in mind that these Settings and colors given to you in this
lesson are going along with the tube I have picked out for this Blinkie:
You will pick out colors and a tube of your own for each one
of these blinkies:

Step: 1)  Open a new image 200 x 100

Step: 2)  Change your Foreground color to White and Flood Fill/ Rename to: Background

Step: 3)  Add new Raster Layer and Name it Tag Center

Step: 4)  Change Foreground to: # c0c0ff /Flood fill Center Layer

Step: 5)  Go to Image/ Resize x 90% All Layers Unchecked:

Step: 6)  Go to View/ Grid


Step: 7)  Click on The Deform Tool located in your Tool Bar and bring in the
Top and Bottom so that they are even with the Grid like this:

Step: 8)  Click on Paint Brush in your Tool Bar and you will have this:

Notice that your Red Box has gone when you clicked on the Paint Brush:

Step: 9)  Paint Brush Settings :

Square Tip
Size 10
Hardness 100
Step 10
Density 100
Thickness 100
Rotation 0
Opacity 100
Blend Mode Normal


Step: 10)  Change Foreground Color to:#8a8cde

Special Note:

If you notice in the blinkie you have more then one Color blinking:
You will be applying the first color of the Blinkie now:
You will be adding the second color of the blinkie Later:

Step: 11)  Add New Raster Layer

Step: 12)  Name it Blinkie Layer 1:

Step: 13)  Using the Paint Brush with the Settings as Above/ paint in Every
other Square: See my Example:



Step: 14)  Change Foreground Color to #ffd0ff

Step: 15)  Making sure that Blinkie 1 layer is active/ With Paint Brush/
Fill in the Blank Squares like this: See my Example:


Step: 16)  Your first blinkie layer will look like this:


Step: 17)  Add new Raster Layer

Step: 18)  Name it Blinkie 2

Step: 19)  Close off Blinkie 1:


Step: 20)  Change the Foreground color to : #ffd0ff



Step: 21)  Change Foreground Color to: #8a8cde

Step: 22)  Using the Paint Brush: Fill in the rest of the Squares:


Step: 23)  Go to view/ Grid:   (This will remove the grid from your Image)


Step: 24)  Click on the Center Layer in the Layer Pallet

Step: 25)  Copy and Past as a new Image so you will now have this:


Step: 26)  Merge / Merge Flatten:   Remember why we do this?
So that it's no longer a layer but a Background; This allows us to
Add a Border:)

Step: 27)  Image/ Add Borders / 2 / Color White


Step: 28)  Activate Magic Wand:

Step: 29)  Click inside the White Border to get two lines of marching Ants

Step: 30)  Activate Flood Fill Tool

Step: 31)  Change Foreground to Gold Pattern Like this:

Step: 32)  Flood Fill with Gold like this:


Step: 33)  Selections/ Select none

Step: 34)  Copy and past as a new Layer in the Blinkie


Step: 35)  Rename layer Center 2

Step: 36)  Close off Center Layer
( You will no longer need this Layer )

Step: 37)  Right Duplicate Center 2 Layer

Step: 38)  Rename it Center 1

EXAMPLE: You should have this:

Step: 39)  Close off Background/ Blinkie 2 and Center 2 Like this:


Step: 40)  Merge Visible/ Rename Blinkie 1

Step: 41)  Close off Blinkie 1

Step: 42)  Open Center 2 and Blinkie 2/ Merge Visible/ Rename this Blinkie 2

EXAMPLE: You should have this now:

Step: 43)  Pick out a tube and resize it to fit into your blinkie

Step: 44)  sharpen the tube if needed

Step: 45)  Copy and Past as a new layer like this:


Make sure to leave enough room for your Text

Step: 46)  Activate Text Tool:

Step: 47)  Change foreground color to :#8a8cde

Step: 48)  Change Background color to:#ffd0ff

Step: 49)  With a Font of your choice Type in your Text:

EXAMPLE: My Font and Settings:

EXAMPLE: You should have something like this:

Step: 50)  Promote Selection to layer

Step: 51)  Go to Selection/ Select none

Step: 52)  Add Drop Shadow:

Vertical 2
Horizontal -1
Opacity 30
Blur 2.00
Color Black
Shadow on new layer unchecked
Click OK

Step: 53)  Turn off Both Blinkie Layers/ Merge Tube / Text like this:


Step: 54)  Rename Tube/ Text and Duplicate it: Rename Duplicated to Tube/ Text 2

Step: 55)  Close off Tube/ Text 2 and Open Blinkie 1 Like this:

Step: 56)  Right click on Blinkie 1 and Merge Visible

Step: 57)  Rename Blinkie 1

Step: 58)  Close off Blinkie 1 and open Tube/ Text 2 and Blinkie 1 Like this:

Step: 59)  Right Click on blinkie 2 / Merge / Merge Visible

Step: 60)  Rename Blinkie 2

Step: 61)  Copy and Paste Blinkie 1 as new Image in PSP

Step: 62)  Copy and Paste blinkie 2 As new image in PSP So you will have this:


Step: 63)  Add a Border to each one of these of 2 and Flood fill
with the Gold Pattern so you have this:

Step: 64)  Open A/S

Step: 65)  Copy First Image and Paste into A/S as New Animation

Step: 66)  Copy 2nd Image / Paste after Selected frame

EXAMPLE: You should have this:

Step: 67)  Select all..

Step: 68)  Animation/ Frame Properties Setting : 15

Step: 69)  View and Save ..

Step: 70)  Go Back up to Step 1 and Repeat all the Steps to make a
Second Blinkie. Leaving out the Text:

Step:  71)  animate the Blank Blinkie:

Step:  72)  Create these 27 Extra's using the Blank blinkie you just created: ( You will be sharing these
blanks with the Group for part of your Homework as a Zip file)
You will need to Show one Example of the Blinkie in the
Email for all to see:

List for 27 extras

Love it
Wonderful work
A note
Nice Try
Your Welcome
Great Send
Good Bee
Bad Bee
Bad News
Try Again
For You
Thank You
Welcome 2 New Bees

Using a Template to Create a blinkie:

Your going to Follow these same Steps but will leave out the Grid:
You won't need it since you have the Template to follow: You will
place it into your Image Save as you did in the Honey Bee
Slate Lesson: If you have forgotten how to do it: your going to
create a new layer/ Selection/ Select all; Then Copy the Template you wish to use:
Past into Selection/ and use it just as you did the grid..

EXAMPLE: This is a Blinkie made from a template

Home Work

1)   Make Two Blinkies using 2 of the Templates provided in the supplies and Send Them both in

2)   Send in the blinkie created with the first part of the lesson

3)   Send in all the 27 Share Blinkies in a Zip file to share with the Group

Click on the Button to the Right to return to the main Page
and the Button on the left to mail in all your Work:

Please do not copy, tear apart, email or share these lessons
without my permission: Thank You for your understanding and respect for
the hard work that goes into these lessons: