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I found this color changer on the net and thought it may help out with our projects that we work on.  Lots of times the decision to choose just the right color can be difficult.  The colors of your project should match the images that your using and that choice can often times determine the entire look and feel of the finished work.  I'm hoping this will help you.




Often times you will see us say pick a dark and light color from your working canvas. Choosing that is fairly easy its the colors in between that can make the difference.

1.  Pick a dark color from your project.

2. Take the HTML code from the materials Pallet and place it in the color Blender under color 1.


3. Now pick a light color from your working canvas.

4. Repeat the process and place the HTML code into your color blender under Color 2

5. Now in Color blender pick how many blends you want.


6.  Click on the blend button and the blender will take what your choices are and give you colors that it basically mixes for you.


7.  Pick the color that you like and highlight the HTML number right click and click on copy.


8. Take that HTML number go back into your PSP and under the materials pallet paste the HTML number and poof you now have a matching color.


Note: you don't have to use the color changer just for images that you are using.  If you click on the pallet on the left it will add a color into color 1 then click in the box of color 2 and pick a second color from that pallet and blend it.



I hope you find this helper helpful.  I use this a lot for fonts, background colors and using pixels.




Color Blender, by Eric A. Meyer.