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In the time that I've been helping people with PSP I've had a lot
of questions: Some are new Questions but a lot of them have been the
Same: I'm going to try to cover some of those Questions here : My hope is
that you will find your answers here and not have to wait for someone to
get online to help you:

I lost one of my Pallets: how do I get it back?

with your mouse in an open space in your work space : Right click:
You will get a Window like this:

Go down to where it says: Pallets: you will see in the Next window
the list of Pallets that are available to you for use:
The Pallets that are highlighted in your list are the ones open
and in use: Locate the one your missing and click on it: you will see it
open up:
You may have to drag and drop it back into place once you get
it open:

I've lost one of my Tool Bars: How do I get it back?

You will follow the same directions as above with one change:
you will go to Toolbars rather then palettes:

I've been working in my PSP and all of a sudden my paint Brush
stopped working right: What do I do?

First clean your Computer up: You may have a lot built
up from all the graphics you have been working with:
If that still doesn't help Go to File/ Preferences/ Reset Preferences:
In the Window that opens for you: Click on Delete all Cache Files:
Reboot your PSP and see if that returned it to normal:
If your still having trouble: you may have to reset it to
Factory Settings:

How do I set my PSP to Factory Settings?


Setting your PSP to Factory Settings:

File/ Preferences/ Reset Preferences :
Check all Boxes:
You will need to set your work space back up after this: Though
this step doesn't remove the brushes and plugins you have installed into
the program it will remove any that you have listed in file locations:

How do we know when we need to reset our PSP?
When your noticing that your PSP is getting slower in opening
or it seems to freeze up: your getting to much in the program.. It's time
to remove some of what you have in it to prevent PSP from Crashing:

I've heard people say that they needed to uninstall and reinstall
PSP: When do we need to do that?

As far as I can see: You should never have to do this as long
as your not completely redoing your computer: If you will just clean up
and reset your PSP you shouldn't ever have to uninstall and reinstall:
If you uninstall and reinstall to many times you may find that
your having more trouble then before: Every time you uninstall you never
fully remove the old program before your installing the new one: So what
you will have will be scattered files: Then PSP goes on the search for the
files needed to run and finds to many and gets confused: This slows down
the program and can even cause it to close on Error:

Sometimes it takes me 2 or 3 times to get my PSP to open for
me: It freezes up and then gives me an Error: What do I do to fix this?
You have to many things trying to load up in your PSP on start
up: You may have added a lot of Gradients/ Patterns/ Masks/ Brushes/ Tubes / EX:
Each time you start your PSP it goes through the start up and
opens all your graphics you have installed so they are open and ready for
use: This can really bog down your PSP to the point that it just won't open:

Here's how to Fix it:

Put all your Patterns in a Separate folder Called Patterns:
In that Folder Organize your Patterns to Color, Style, Holiday
or favorites:
Then when you need a pattern.. go to File/ Preference/ File Location:
Locate and highlight patterns on the right side:
Click on Add and then Locate the folder that holds the patterns
you would like to use for this project:
Once your finished with the Project:
Go back to File Location and remove that folder from Patterns:
This will Keep your PSP running smooth and not bog it down:
You can take these same steps for everything listed on the right
hand side of file location: I especially like to use this for my Brushes
and Plugins.. They are the worst for bogging down your PSP:

What's the Best way to Save my Work?

I find it best to save it as a PSP file as I'm working with
all layers attached: This gives me a chance to go back and change things
or use parts of one project in another:
Then with my finished Project I save it as a JPEG or GIF
depending on the background:

I keep getting a Ring around my Saved GIF with Transparent background:
how do I fix this?

Check your Settings : Here's what they should be:
PSP GIF Settings:

Transparency Tab: Existing Image or Layers Transparency:

Partial Transparency Tag: Check Use Full Transparency for Pixels Below 1 %
Check No, Use the existing image color at 100% opacity
NOTE: You will use the Blend if you know the color of background you
will be applying the tag too and want it to blend with the background:
you will use the background color for the blend:
The Last 3 tabs remain default:
Click ok.. You should have a much better save: Make sure you
don't have a drop shadow on the Image and your not trying to save a Misted
Tube: If the pixels are transparent it will still get the halo:

I have a Tag I've gone out side the box with and have used a
Misted Tube to create with: I want to save it as a GIF but don't want the Halo:
How can I do this?

Open a new Raster Layer:
Use your Magic Wand on the outside of the Finished Tag
Hug the Marching ants up to the Finished Tag: Selection/ Invert:
Selection/ Modify/ Contract/ 1: Flood fill with a Dark Color from your Project: Make sure it
will blend with the project but it will fill in any Transparent pixels
keeping it from getting the Halo:
See Example:

In some Cases it's best to just use the Background color your
going to be putting the tag on.. It's very hard to make a Misted Tube
look good on a Transparent background:

When I copy the Tube and try to past as a new layer: It says
there is nothing there: What am I doing wrong?

Make sure that you have the Tube layer selected / Active before
you try copy: You maybe on the transparent background layer and in this
case it will say there is nothing there:

When I go to shut down my PSP it asks me if I want to save all
the Data to my Clip board: what should I do?

Click on No: Saving it on clip board only takes up valuable space
and there is nothing you can't pull up fresh from your PSP project:

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