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This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Drag the Arrow to mark your progress

Go to your PSP folders and in "All Lessons", "Framing Bee's " make a new folder name: Frame 2

No Supplies for this one. Use your own supplies

1. New image 600 x 600 transparent.

2. Pick out a theme that you want for your frame. I am using for my frist one a boy theme. Below you will see my examples below that I used for girls..

2. Pick a dark color from your tube. I am using this color #394270

3. Flood fill your image with the color.

4. Then go to effects/texture/texture and find a texture that you want to use for your frame. I used Grain Long Deep at the settings below.

5. I wanted to add some fun to my frame so I went to effects/artistic effects/balls and bubbles and add some bubbles to my frame.

6. Add a new raster layer and rename it border.

7. Pick a lighter color from your tube and flood fill the border layer with that color. I used: #a7a4cb.

8. Go to selections/select all.

9. Go back to selections/modify and contract by 15.

10. On your key board hit the delete key.

11. Go back to selections and invert.

12. Go to effects/3d effects/inner bevel and add this bevel.

13. Selections none.

14. Right click and merge visible. Minimize it in your psp.

15. Start a new image at 250 x 250.

16. Flood fill it with the same light color as you used for your border.

17. Go to selections/select all.

18. Go back to selections/modify and contract by 15.

19. Hit the delete key on your key board.

20. Go to selections/invert.

21. Repeat the inner bevel as step number 12.

22. Selections/none

23. On your new image right click and go back to your orginal frame and paste as a new layer.

24. Rearrange that frame so that it is in the upper left hand corner of the large frame like so: Rename that frame1.

25. Duplicate frame1 layer and move the copied one below the orginal. Rename it frame2.

Or you can drop it down toward the center lower right. Just depends on how many pics your want to frame.

Or you can add three frames or four frames.

This part will be completely up to you. I added 2 frames for mine.


26. Once you decide how many frames to place click on your magic wand and notice on my presets that on mode it says "Add" this is a PSP shortcut so that you can click on multiple things at once that you want selected and not hold down your shift key. With that said select inside of each of your frames. Remember to click on each frame layer seperatly so each one is selected.

27. Once selected right click on one of your frame layers and continue to merge down until all the frame layers are one. But do not merge them into your orginatl frame

28. Go to selections/modify/expand by 2.

29. Now make sure your on your orginal layer and hit delete on your key board.


30. You should have something that looks like this now:

31. Selections/select none.

Last part is up to you. Add some cute tubes to it.

My Girl one



1. Send in your finished project with the tubes on it as a psp image.

2. Take your finished frame and add some cute pictures in it and send it in as a jpeg save so the group can see.

3. Make a new frame and pic one person out of the group that you would like to donate it to. Don't add pictures to it let them do it. Save it as a pspimage and a jpeg save so that the group can see it and the person you are donating it to can use it for his or her speical pictures.

Send in your lesson like so: Advanced Framing Bee Lesson 2 (name) for credit (Frame 2). Send them to: