Framing Bees Lesson 4  


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This is my own creation; any similarities to other tutorials are purely coincidental and unintentional.

Move the hand along each step you are on so you don't lose track:

Just left click on the hand and drag to where your at:


1.  Open up your supplies in PSP.

2.  duplicate the cacbackground image x2 and close the orginal one.

3.  Minimize one of the duplicated cacbackground images.

4.  Resize the other one 365 x 348 pixels.

5.  Adjust/sharpeness/sharpen.

6.  Image/add border/2- black

7.  Image/adde border/15-red or any color that doesn't match your working image.

8.  Use your magic wand and click inside your border and you can either flood fill it with a matching dark color from your image or clone it like I did.

9.  After you decide what type of border you want that to be apply this bevel:

10. Selections/invert.

11.  Apply this cutout.

12. Now repeat the process but make it -2 for both Vertical and Horizontal.

13.  Selections/select none.

14.  Image/add border/2- black

15.  Minimize your new frame.

16. New image 600 x 500 transparent.

17. Make your foreground color: #998a61 and your background color: #62614c .

18.  Click on your foreground and change it to gradient.  Look for your foreground-background gradient and make your settings the same as mine below:

19.  Flood fill your new working canvas with the gradient.

20. Adjust/add-remove noisce/add noise and make your settings Gaussian checked, noise 20, monochrome checked.

21. Go to effects/texture effects/texture look for Paper Coarse and make your settings the same as mine below:

22.  Pull up your frame that you already made and copy it go back to your new working image and paste as a new layer.

23. Take your raster deform tool and resize your frame so that you have something that looks like this:  Notice that I moved my center frame towards the top of the working canvas and resized it so that I have a lot of space underneath the finished frame.

24.  Now pull up the dupliated orginal cacbackground.  Were going to do a breif misting on this tube.

25.  Chose your freehand selection tool and I use as my selection type point to point.  Change your Feather to 22.  Note remember to change it back to 0 when your done.  Taking your freehand selection tool draw out the path like so:

26.  After you have your selections right click on it and then copy.  Go back to your working image and right click then paste as a new image this is what you should have now:

Notice I started renaming my layers that important in the process I also once I got my misted image to my working canvas cut out some of the purple that was on the side of the image.  My goal is to make it look like the path continues out of the frame and without the flowers.

27.  Put your path into position this is were mine is now:

28. Once you have your path placed were you want it duplicate the layer and Move it into position notice my placement: Note I moved the duplicated ground layer underneath the original ground layer so that it blended better you don't want lines.  If you have them use your smudge tool and blend the two together.

29.  Now merge your two ground layers.  Remember I moved my copied ground layer below the original one so I had to activate the ground layer and merge down so both grounds are now merged.  And then renamed it ground.

30. Using my raster deform tool I pulled the bottom down on my path so that it came all the way to the end of the working canvas like so:

31. Okay the hard part is over so lets do the easy stuff, activate your frame layer. 

32.  Apply this drop shadow:

33. Go back and apply the negative drop shadow.

34.  In your supplies you will notice a bunch of tubes this is your time to have some fun. Take your tubes and place them throughout your working canvas. Remember that they will stand out with drop shadows but not with a large blur like we just did above.  Reduce your blur if your apply a drop shadow to your tube.

35.  When your done repeat steps 6 through 14.

36.  Add your watermark.

37.  Resize your new frame by 500 and sharpen it.


Home Work!

1)   Send in one based on the lesson above.


2) do another one this time using the techniques that you learned above turn one in using your own supplies.  Visit the resource center if you need some tubes.


Please do not copy, tear apart, email or share these lessons without my permission: Thank You for your understanding and respect for the hard work that goes into these lessons.

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