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This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Drag the Arrow to mark your progress

Go to your PSP folders and in "All Lessons", "Advance Framing Bee's " make a new folder name: Frame 7


1. New image 700 x 700.

2. For your foreground use: #a07c5e and for your background use: #915b45.

3. Click back on your foreground and under gradients look for foreground-background gradient. Click on that. Settings go as follows: Linear, angle 0 and repeat 0, invert unchecked.

4. Flood fill your working canvas with the gradient.

5. Go to effects/texture/texture and apply these settings. You should have Bricks texture in your drop down.

6. Click on your selections tool and pick selections/circle.

7. Draw a circle out in the center of your working canvas with your selections tool.

8. We need to edit the selection or circle so go to selections/edit selections.

9. What you will see is that your selections turns pink or light red (see example).

10. Click on your raster deform tool and position your circle up towards the top of your canvas and move the side toward the left and right like so: The goal is that were making an arch in the brick.

11. After your happy with the placement go back to selections/edit the selection and it will turn it back into the normal selection mode.

12. Go back to selections and choose the rectangle draw a rectangle from inside the right hand corner of your circle (make sure that the rectangle overlaps the circle). Draw the rectangle almost to the bottom of your canvas. Once your release the mouse the circle and rectangle will be one.

13. Repeat the same process on the left side. Make sure that the new selections is even from top to bottom with the rectangle on the right.

14. Once again take your rectangle and on the lower portion of the circle draw a new rectangle and make it over lap the lower circle and the left and right rectangles. Make it even at the bottom with the other rectangles. This is how it looks:

15. Add a new raster layer and move it below raster layer 1.

16. Activate raster layer 1 and hit the delete key on your key board this is what you should have now.

17. While on raster 1 layer go to selections/invert.

18. Now go add this innerbevel.

19. Rename raster1, brick wall.

20. Rename raster 2 photo.

21. Click on the photo layer and add a new raster layer. Rename this layer cutout. This is how my layers look:

22. Now activate the cutout layer and add this cutout. Effect/3d effects/cutout.

23. Go back to cutouts and change the vertical to -6 and Horizontal -6 and apply it to the cutout layer.

24. Selections/select none.

25. Activate your brickwall layer and copy the tree that was supplied with the lessons and paste as a new layer. Rename it tree.

26. I resized my tree so it was as tall as my canvas and moved it over so that some of the tree went over the center like so:

27. I applied this drop shadow to my tree.

28. Now right click on your roses supplied in the lesson and paste as a new image. Rename it roses and add the same drop shadow as above. I positioned mine towards the right of my canvas.

29. Open up the gate supplied in your lesson and paste as a new layer and rename as gate1.

30. Take your gate and position it towards the bottom of your canvas and toward the right so that the gate looks as though it is part of the wall like so:

31. You may have to resize your gate that's up to you. I added the same drop shadow as above.

32. Duplicate your gate layer and if you see that your tree or roses fall below the gate pedestals then just activate them and move them up a little. Remember you don't have to drop a shadow to the second gate because its already dropped from the original. Rename this layer gate2.

33. Make sure gate2 layer is activated and add a new raster layer. Rename this one border.

34. Flood fill it with: #915b45

35. Go to selections/select all.

36. Go back to selections/modify/contract by 15.

37. Hit your delete key on your keyboard.

38. Selections/invert.

39. Apply the same inner bevel as you did from above. This is my finished product

40. Close off your photo layer and merge all the layers visible.



1. Using my supplies make a frame following the lessons. Save it as a pspimage. Send the pspimage in for credit.

2. Add a picture into it and save it as a jpeg and send it in for credit so the group can see your awesome work.

3. Make another frame using your own supplies. Change the color of the bricks add some different types of selections to it. Just play and have fun with it. Send it in as pspimage so that it can be offered in the Frame shop we will be opening up.

4. Add a new picture to the one you create and send it in as a jpeg to the group for credit.


Send in your lesson like so: Advanced Framing Bee Lesson 7 (name) for credit (Frame 7). Send them to: