Framing Bee Lesson 2


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This is my own creation; any similarities to other tutorials are purely coincidental and unintentional.

Move the hand along each step you are on so you don't lose track:

Just left click on the hand and drag to where your at:
First off you want to make sure you have something ready to frame.  For this tut I am using the wolf and your free to use it to follow along.  Just right click on it and copy it to your C drive.


 1.  If your going to use the image above then pull it up into PSP right click on were it says background and click on promote the background layer.

2.  From your image chose a light color for your foreground and a dark color for your background. For the image above my foreground color is : #c1cbe1  and my background color is: #51402b . I will refer to light color and dark color through out this lesson so note its in your materials layers that you have already set up.

3. Go to image/Add border/5 and in your light color.

4.  Take your magic wand and click in your new border.

5.  Go to adjust/add remove noise/add noise and make your settings the same as mine below:

6. Selections/invert.

7.  Apply this cutout:

8.  Do not deselect.

9.  Image/add border/25 and use your dark color.

10. Selection invert

11. Now add this bevel:

12. Selections/select none.

13. Image/add border/5 and in your light color.

14. Repeat steps 4 through 7.  This is what I have now:

15. Do not deselect and add this inner bevel.

16. Selections/select none.

17. Image/add border/20/ and in your dark color.

18. Use your magic wand and select in the new border.

19.  Apply the same bevel as you did in step 15.

20.  Selections/select none

21. Add your watermark.

22. Find some accents. And open them up in PSP

23. Copy and paste the accent as a new layer.  Place the accent in your corner like I have below. Note:  I Added a drop shadow to the corner.

24. Right click on the accent in the layers and duplicate.

25. Go to image mirrow your accent will now be on the right side like so:

26. Duplicate the mirrored accent and go to image/flip.  Your accent will now be below the top one like so:

27. Duplicate the accent you just flipped and go to image/mirror.  You should now have all 4 corners with an accent.

28. Right click and merge visible.

29. Resize your frame by width 450 and auto resize will resize the height.

23.  Turn in for credit.




1)   Send in the one following the lesson.

2) Do another one using your own grahpics. 



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