Framing Bees Lesson



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This is my own creation; any similarities to other tutorials are purely coincidental and unintentional.

Move the hand along each step you are on so you don't lose track:

Just left click on the hand and drag to where your at:


Preparation:  Have something ready to frame.

 Place your cactile and your cacbeads into your patterns.

In order to follow the lesson your free to use my image, just right click and copy it to your c drive.

1.  Open up your image to be framed in psp if in the layers if your image says background right click on it and promote it to a layer.  Rename it bk. Duplicate your image (shift D) and minimize it so you can use it within the lesson.

2.  Image/border/symmetric checked/1/black.

3. Selections/select all.

4.  Selections/modify/contract/by 1.

5. Selections/invert.

6. Add this cutout:

7. Now apply the cutout again this time make your vertical/horizontal settings -3.

8.  Selections/select none.

9. Image/add border/4 and use a color not in your image.  I used red.

10. Use your magic want make sure the tolerance and feather are 0.  And click in your new border.

11. Find your cactile (angle 0 and scale 100) and flood fill the new border.

12. While the border is still selected apply this bevel:

13.  Selections/select none.

14. Open up your minimized background right click on the image and copy.  Minimize it again.

15. Image/add borders/20/ and use a different color not in your image.  I again used red.

16. Use your magic wand and click inside the red border.

17. Right click and paste INTO the selections.

18. Go to adjust/blur/Gaussian blur/ radius 25.

19. While your border is still selected go to effects/3d effects/cutout and apply this cutout.

20. Selections/select none.

21.  Image/add border/4 and use a color that is not within your image.  I again used red.

22. Go to your materials pallet and find the cacbeads.  (angle 0 and scale 100).

23.  flood fill your border with the bead pattern.

24.  Apply the same bevel as you did in step 12.

25.  Selections/select none.

26. Go to edit and click on copy.

27. Image/add border/8 and again a different color than in the image.

28. Use your magic wand and click in your new border.

29. Right click on your working canvas and paste INTO the selection.

30. Selections/select none.

31. Image/add border/1 - Black.

32.  Image/add border/25 and use a color not in your image. I used red again.

33.  Use your magic wand and click inside the new border.

34. Right click on your image and paste INTO the selection.

35. Go to effects/Reflection effects/kaleidoscope (depending on what version of PSP your using you may have to search it out under your effects.  Once you find it apply this Kaleidoscope:

36. Apply the same inner bevel as you did in step 12.

37. Selections/Invert.

38.  Go to effects/3d effects/cut out and repeat the cut out from step 19.

39.  Selections/select none.

40. Image/add border/1-black.

41.  Repeat steps 9 through 13.

42. Add your watermark.

43. Image resize and make the width 500 the auto height will adjust automatically.



1)   Send in your lesson based on directions above.

2) Find another image to frame and send in your great designed based on the instructions above.


Please do not copy, tear apart, email or share these lessons without my permission: Thank You for your understanding and respect for the hard work that goes into these lessons.

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