Framing Lesson 5

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    You have worked all day making this Tube look like this Master piece! :
    : See Example :
    so now you ask yourself after working so hard on this.. What kind of frame do we want to put it in to display it.. The frame you see above is just one of many different things you can do with a master piece like this:
    So lets start out with a New Image 200 X 400
    Flood fill with white
    Image/Add border/2/black
    Image/Add Border/2/fawn color
    Image/Add Border/15/White
    Flood fill with your wood pattern.  If you don't have one right click and save the one below:

    Image/Add Border/1/Black
    With your Magic Wand click inside the frame where the white is like this:

    See Example:
    Now Convert this background to a layer.

    Once converted to a layer:

    Hit your Delete Button to take out the white:

    See Example:

    Now go to selections/select none.

    1. Create a new Image 800 x 800
    Special note:
    We need this to be a large work space so we can put our 3 frames on there and have room to move them around. We will be cropping this later.
    Copy and past your frame into your new image..
    Duplicate this frame 2X's RENAME THEM AS STATED ABOVE
    Move them so they are next to each other like this:

    See Example:
    Each one of these frames are on a different layer.

    So for this next step please click on each layer
    With your Magic Wand click inside each frame:


    As you can see they are each on a separate layer..
    Now that you have marching ants inside each one of them Copy and paste as a selection your Image inside the Window of each frames layers. That means all the layers with the frames. So Paste 3 x's. like this:

    See example:
    Go the to top layer and add a new Raster layer
    Go to Effects/3D Effects/Cut out:

    See Example for Settings:

    Repeat this step but change the Vertical and Horizontal to 2 after you do this go to selections/select none. Rename that layer cutout

    Start on your bottom layer. Mine happens to be MIDDLEF take your selections tool and make sure you on the matching frame that goes with that layer. Draw out a rectangle around the frame. See my example along with the layer I am on.

    Now that you have your selection go to selection/invert and press delete on your key board. Now see how that layer looks by my example. You will notice that the other images are still showing up but thats because they are on the other layers. See example

    Go to selections/select none. Then move to your next layer and activate it. Mine is LEFTF doing the same as above select the frame that goes with the layer see below:

    Once again do the selection/invert and click on delete on your key board. Finish up the last frame in my case its RIGHTF doing the same thing the end result of the frames looks like this on the layers:

    Notice that all the layers now only have 1 frame in each one.  
    Ativate your cutout layer and with your selections Tool.. your going to select the first window frame of the cut out.. like this:

    See Example:

    Selections/ Float
    Right click on floating selection and promote to a layer: See Example:
    Notice that your are on the frame that I call LEFTF rename it to match the frame image that it goes with.
    Your going to do this for each window frame so go back to the cutout layer and repeat the process renaming each promoted selection to match the frames they go with. When your done you will have 3 matching cutouts.:
     Once you have them all in separate layers delete the orginal cutout layer. Now match up the cut outs with the frames they belong with and merge each one with its frame. When your done you will have 3 seperate frames with there own cutout.
     After you have all your Cut outs and window frames merged together you will want to move your 3 windows like this: Using your raster deform tool is the best way to position and tilt your frames. On your raster deform tool change the mode to Free. This way you can tilt your frames. Once done change it back to were it was.
    Now it's up to you what you want to do with your window.. For me.. I like thinking about relaxing a lot so .. Here's what I have done with mine:


    Make 2 more frames using your own supplies. You may or may not put backs on them. Please remember to save them in the proper formats.  PNG could be the best of the formats

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