Framing Bees Lesson 7



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This is my own creation; any similarities to other tutorials are purely coincidental and unintentional.

Move the hand along each step you are on so you don't lose track:

Just center click on the hand and drag to where your at:



For now only open up your cacseabk and cacbamboopat in your PSP.

1.  Choose a light color for your foreground and a dark color for you background.  I am using #9db3ca as my foreground and #165e98 as my background.

2. Click on your materials pallet/gradient and find the foreground-background and make your settings like mine below:

3.  Image/add border/2- #083868

4. Image/add border/5-red.

5. Use your magic wand and click inside the red border.

6. Flood fill with your gradient.

7.  Apply this inner bevel.

8. Selections/invert.

9.  Apply this cut out:

10.  Apply another cut out but change the vertical/horizontal to -1.

11.  Selections/select none.

12.  Image/add border/2- #083868

13.  Image/add border/20 - Red.

14. Use your magic wand and click in your red border.

15. In your materials layer find cacbamboopat set the angle at 0 and scale at 100.

16. Flood fill your pattern into the border.

17. Selections/select none.

18. Image/add border 2 - #083868

19.  Image/add border 5 - Red.

20. Go back to your materials pallet and change back to your gradient.  It should still be there.

21.  Flood fill your new border with the gradient. 

22.  Apply the same bevel as you did in step 7.

23.  Selection/invert and repeat cutouts like in step 9 and 10.

24.  Selections/select none.

25. Image/add border 2 - #083868

26. Image/add border 20 - red.

27.  Use your magic wand and select your new border.

28.  Flood fill it with your gradient.

29.  Apply the same bevel as in step 7.

30.  Selections/select none.

31.  Image/add border 2 - #083868

32.  Repeat steps 19 through 24

33. Image/add border 2 - #083868

34. Image/add border/ 25 - red.

35. Use your magic wand and select your new border.

36. Find the bamboo pattern and flood fill the pattern into your new border.

37.  Selections/select none.

38.  Image/add border 2 - #083868

39. Repeat steps 19 through 24

40. Selections/select none.

41. Image/add border 2 - #083868

42.  Now lets start adding our tubes to finish off this project.

43.  Open up your mermaid and position her at the bottom of the frame like so:  I had to resize her to fit the frame by using my raster deform tool.  How you resize her is completely up to you. Hint remember to to sharpen her after you resize her.

44. We want to give her the illusion that she is popping out of the water and looking over the frame.  So I did that be erasing a portion of her body like so:

Hint I find it easier to reduce the opacity of the object that I am erasing so I can see what's underneath them.  It helps me watch the lines as I go so notice my opacity is lower on her.

After I erased the portion I needed this is what it looks like now:

45.  Add a drop shadow to her.  Choice of shadow is yours.

46.  Okay that was the hard part the rest is easy.  Use some other tubes either provided by me or some that you find on your own and place them around your frame to bring it out more.  See above for my final frame.

47.  Add your watermark on it.

48.  Merge it all visible before saving it as a jpeg.






1)   Send in your finished tag based on the lesson above.


2) Do another one using your imagination. Turn it in for credit


For example: a lion may look good with a grass background and the bamboo frame.  So you must use the bamboo as part of your finished frame.


Please do not copy, tear apart, email or share these lessons without my permission: Thank You for your understanding and respect for the hard work that goes into these lessons.

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