Framing Lesson 10

Move the arrow along each step you are on so you don't lose track:
Just left click on the arrow and drag to where your at:
Good luck and have fun!


    1. Open new image 500 x 500
    2. Flood fill with a background color of your choice
    3. I've taken a Tube and lowered the opacity to give it the shadow in the background look..

    4. Add New Raster Layer
    5. Flood fill with a Pattern of your choice
    6. Apply Mask/ dmsk0480
    7. Merge Group
    Special note:
    Be very creative with your background graphic. This frame looks much better if your able to weave in and out of the mask.
    8. Here is what I have so far with my decorations and all

    : See Example :
    9. Add Border/1 /dark color
    10. Add Border/10/white
    11. Click inside with magic wand
    12. Flood fill with pattern
    13. Add Inner Bevel

    See Example for settings :
    14. Do not deselect

    15. Add a Drop shadow:
    See Example for Settings:
    16. Repeat this drop shadow but change the vertical and horizontal to 2
    17. Selections/Select none
    18. Duplicate 2x's close off the top layer and use your deform tool to rotate your second frame
    19. Now resize it by about 83% so that it fits right over the top of your frame
    20. Now open your top frame and
    resize it to fit over the
    top of your middle frame like this:

    See Example :
    21. Now that you have it the way you want it.

    Add your text:
    Here are some more  examples of what you can do with this frame:
    For This frame I used a Glitter Fill but didn't animate it. I used it as a pattern. Sometimes I like the noise but don't want the Animations.

    1. Turn in the tag you just made.

    2. Using your own supplies turn in a second tag for credit

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