Framing Lesson 11

Framing Lesson 11


move the arrow along each step you are on so you don't lose track:
Just left click on the arrow and drag to where your at:
Good luck and have fun!


    1. Open new image 400 x 400
    2. Flood fill with a gradient of your choice: See Example for settings:
    3. Image/Add Border/4/Black
    4. Click inside with your magic wand
    5. Flood fill with Gold
    6. Selections/select none
    7. Add new Raster Layer
    8. With line vertical Paint Brush tip Make a line in your Graphic like this:

    See Example for settings:
    9. With your selection tool draw a Rectangle inside the first box like this:

    See Example:
    10. Add new Raster Layer
    11. Now lets add a cut out to this Layer:

    See Example for settings:
    12. Repeat this step but change the Vertical and Horizontal to -2
    13. Selections/None
    14. Copy and Paste your Tube that you would like to use as a new layer
    15. Resize your Tube to fit into the Spot you have just made for it like this:

    See Example:
    16. Notice in the layer pallet that the Tube has been placed under the cutout layer
    17. Now Copy and past your tube back in as a new layer like this:

    See Example:
    18. On this one I am not going to be adding the Bars like we used on this one:

    See Example:
    19. These bars were used with Paint Brush Tip Decreasing the size as I went
    20. Now for the decorations on the background
    21. Close off everything and decorate your background
    with your paint Brush like this:

    See Example:
    22. Once you get it decorated the way you want Add a drop shadow and then open everything back up.
    23. With your selection tool create your box for your text like this:

    See Example:
    24. Flood fill with gold
    Selections/Modify/contract by 3
    25. Hit your delete Button
    26. Add new raster layer
    flood fill with the Background Gradient
    27. Lower your Opacity to about 54
    28. Add new Raster Layer
    29. Add Cutout with these settings:

    See Example:
    30. Repeat the Cutout but change the Vertical and Horizontal to -2
    31. Now type in your text:

    See Example:
    32. You can come up with many different ways to use frames inside frames.
    I like this method if I'm using a tube I really like but I want to keep it Elegant and simple.

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    2. Make 2 tags using your own supplies by following the lesson.

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