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In the supplies you will find a preset heart shape and several Gold patterns.  Place your heart shapes into your "My Documents", "My PSP Files", Preset Shapes.  See example below


1. After you move your hearts into the right folder open up PSP.

2. Open up all the supplies into PSP and minimize all of them except for main image.

3.  Duplicate the main image and close the original one.

4. Right click on the wording background in the layers and click on promote background layer. Rename that layer bk.

5.  Click on your foreground and in your patterns look for untitled bmp, angle 0 and scale 100. Background should be null. (closed)

6. Click on your preset shape tool, then preset shapes and look for your heart.   Make your settings the same as mine below:

7.  Draw a heart around your couple.  See example below:

8. After you draw out your heart right click on vector 1 and convert it to a raster.  Rename that raster heart.

9. Use your magic wand and click inside your heart.

10.  Go to effects/3d effects/cutout and apply this cut out.  Make sure you are on your heart layer before applying the cutout.

11.  Go to selections/invert and activate your bk layer.

12.  Add a new raster layer and rename it glitter. 

13. Go to your materials layer and in patterns find sidegoldpattern.jpg

14. Flood fill the new layer with your sidegoldpattern.jpg.  This is what I have now:

15.  Double click on the glitter layer and lower the opacity to 55 this is what it looks like now:

 16.  Selections/select none.

17. Go to image/add border/4 and choose an off color so you can select the border I used red.

18. Use your magic wand and click into the red border, flood fill it with your untitled bmp gold same settings as above.  I have this now. 

19.  While your on that layer apply this inner bevel.

20.  Selections/invert, then selections/float.

21.  Go to effects/3d effects/cutout and apply the same cutout that you did in step number 10.

22. Selections/select none.

23. Image/add border make it 2 and change your color to #7e6748 . Now when your doing this on your own image pick a coordinating color from your main image.

24. Image/Add border make it 20 use an off color like red.

25. Use your magic wand and click in the border.

26. In the materials pallet click on patterns and look for shinneygoldpattern.jpg.  Angle 50 and scale 100.

27. Flood fill your border.

28. Apply the same bevel as in step 19.

29. Selections/select none.

30. Repeat Step 23

31. Choose something that you would like from the word art and added to the bottom portion of your center heart.  See above at finished frame for example.

32. I added an accent to the top of my frame that is up to you. See my corner hearts on my finished frame as an example of what accents can do.

33. Add your watermark.

34. When finished right click and merge it all flattened.


1. Turn in the frame based on the lesson.

2. Find another image to frame.  Use different preset shapes, you could try to adjust the color in the gold for different shades of color.  Find some other accents to add it or word art.  Use the same technique above just make it to fit what your framing.  See my example below.


So Now I hear the question of how do I re-colorize a pattern.  Well here's how.  With your pattern opened in psp go to Adjust/hue and saturation/ colorize and change the color.

In fact its great for colorizing many things to match your finished canvas.



Turn in a total of 2 images using your own supplies. Use the lesson to help you.

Send in your lesson like so: Framing Bee Lesson 12 for credit (name). Click on the mail me to send in your lesson.


Please do not copy, tear apart, email or share these lessons without my permission: Thank You for your understanding and respect for the hard work that goes into these lessons.

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