Framing Lesson 14

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    1. This is the graphic I'm starting out with

    See Example

    2. I'm going to flood Fill the background with a color of my choice

    See Example

    3. Now I'm going to Activate the Graphic layer and click outside it with my magic wand like this

    See Example

    4. With background activated click on your delete button so you have this now

    See Example

    5. Selections/Invert

    6. Selections/Modify/Expand by 5

    See Example

    7. Create a New Raster layer and move it to the bottom of your layer pallet

    See Example

    8. Now flood fill with gold

    9. Selections/ Modify/ contract by 8

    10. Delete on Keyboard

    See Example

    11. Selections/ Invert

    12. Add Inner Bevel

    See Example

    13. Selections/ Select none

    14. Create a new Image 500 x 500

    15. Copy and Past your Image to the New Image

    16. Flood fill your background with a color of your choice

    17. Add new raster layer And name it lace

    18. Drag it above your background layer like this

    See Example

    19. Flood fill Your Lace Layer with a light color for your lace

    20. Right click on your lace layer in your layer pallet

    21. Go to New Mask Layer/ From Image

    22 Locate your Mask in the next window that opens like this

    See Example

    23. Click ok to apply the mask

    You should have this now

    See Example

    24. Right click the Mask Group in your Layer Pallet and Merge Group

    25. Add Drop Shadow like this

    See Example

    26. Merge All Flatten

    27. Image/Add Border/2/Black

    28. Image/Add Border/4/White

    29. Click inside white border with magic wand

    30. Flood fill with gold

    31. Selections/Select None

    32. Image/Add Border/25 use your color of choice from the graphic

    33. Click inside Border with Magic Wand

    34. Effects/Plugins/Xenofex 1.0/Baked Earth

    See Example for settings

    35. Selections/Select None

    36. Image/Add Border/2/Black

    37. Image/Add Border/4/White

    38. Click inside Border with magic wand and flood fill with gold

    39. Image/Add Border/2/Black

    40. Add your text and any decorations you may want and you're finished


    When your all done go to text and add your name or whatever text that you want to use.  Resize it to 450 and then go and sharpen it.  Next Go to File/export/jpeg and save it.   

    1. Turn in one based on the assignment above

    2. Make another one using your own supplies and turn it in for credit.


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