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Written and Copyright © Nathan Keninger

How to make a folder on a PC
1. Right click with your mouse in the my documents folder
2. Move the mouse over new and click on folder
3. Type the name of the folder (keep it brief)

Adding contents to a folder
If you want to move items from one location to another there are 2 options. The options are:
1. Drag and drop: have the 2 locations (where the file is and where you want it) visible on your screen. Press and hold down the left mouse button and move the file to the other location.
2. Copy and paste: this option is best if you cannot view the 2 locations on your screen at a time. Select the file(s) you want to move, go to edit menu in upper left, and select cut. Open up the folder of where you want the file to go, then go to edit menu and select paste.

Selecting multiple files at a time
If you want to select a group of objects in the same area select the first file of the group you want selected, hold down the shift key and while holding it down click on the last file of the group you want selected.
If you want to select a group of objects in areas not close together hold down the ctrl (Control) key and click on each file you want selected.

Tips for organizing folders
- use subfolders effectively and categorize the files you have in a folder
- don't bury your files -- put them in a place that YOU will know to look at in the future

PSP User Folders Tips
- do not place files in your "My PSP Files" folder because it will slow down your program. Plugins are the exception. Create an additional folder in My Documents as a place to put your files
- create folders within the My Documents folder. Placing too many files on your desktop will slow down your computer!!!
- create an individual for each lesson so you can easily find the files for that lesson at a later date
- Nathan's Tip: Create the following folders: a folder for each group you are in, a folder labeled tubes, a folder labeled masks, a miscellaneous psp folder, and a folder labeled My Creations.
- In the files section of the New Bees, Suzy has been nice enough to place a set of folders that you can add within your tubes folder. They will greatly help you keep organized and find tubes based on subject matter.


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