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Love Poem

What is so sweet and dear ....As a prosperous morn in May, ....The confident prime of the day, And the dauntless youth of the year, When nothing that asks for bliss, ....Asking aright, is denied, And half of the world a bridegroom is, And half of the world a bride?

.....from Ode in May by Sir William Watson (1858-1935) effects.

To Krissy

I don't know if many know this or not but Krissy was learning HTML from me through our classrooms. And while she was sick we would talk on the phone and she told me there was 2 things she could not wait to get back to and that were her students and HTML lessons. So I thought what a better tribute to her then to display the Love from her Students on a page that she created out of Love.

..... From your Loving Students..... Online Memorials

Krissy Baker


My Students Love

Love Connie

Love Cuzi

Love Doris

Love Carol

Love Sandy

Love Karen R.

Love Iris

Love Iris

Love Cuzi

Love Bl0nde

Love Travis

Love Sheri E.

Love Peggy/Giggles

Love SecksKitten13

Love Razz

Love Michelle

Love Risque

Love Nan

Love Sammy

Love Chris?

Love Sharon W

Love Sharon W

Love Mandy

Love Patti

Love Patricia G.

Love Angie B.


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